UST History and Background

UST began with a modest start in 1998 with one truck and one driver- that driver being Scott Ramsey, our CEO. Today, UST has evolved into a world-class logistical company with over 80 operations, 228 stores, and between 375 to 450 trucks on the road throughout the United States. How did we achieve such phenomenal growth and success in a highly competitive industry? We did it the old fashioned way: through hard work and superior service- one satisfied customer at a time. UST’s experienced management team knows that home delivery services are often regarded as a commodity by retailers (large and small) as well as their customers. However, we believe that the home delivery experience is key to end customers’ satisfaction and to their likelihood to be repeat customers. We set out to make the delivery experience a value-added component of what makes our retail clients special. U.S. Transport understands that home delivery provides an excellent opportunity to increase and improve our clients’ brand identity and market share. Our TOTAL focus at UST is on delivery and warehousing. We continually strive to make our processes more streamlined and efficient so that our retail clients can focus on what they do best.